Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.

Schaler's List

"Schaler's List" is a "read only" list. There are no discussions on the list. Members receive articles and news items I think are worth reading. Many people on the list disagree with my point of view on all kinds of matters. Still, they like to see the material I send them. Members are welcome to send me items for distribution. Sometimes I send them on, sometimes not. Messages are rarely replied to. The list is composed mainly of hundreds of former and current college students of mine, their friends, other college teachers, colleagues of mine, and others from around the world who share similar interests in all kinds of things I'm generally interested in. These items are frequently biased in their orientation towards classical liberal ways of thinking, articles that are consistent with a Szaszian point of view, articles by Schaler, and there are also often sharply opposing points of view that I consider newsworthy. No one knows who is on the list. I keep this secret. All you receive is an email addressed to "undisclosed-recipient." If you would like to be added to the list, send me an email message with your name and email address to: and request that you be added to the list. If your mail bounces several times, I simply remove your email address from the list. Sometimes the items are disturbing, but generally in good taste. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes there is a lot mail. This frequently happens during the teaching semesters. Sometimes there are periods of no mail. I have little interest in presenting a balanced point of view re the items I send, but every now and then I send out harsh criticism of positions I hold dear. You can get off the list at any time simply by sending me an email message requesting that you be removed.