Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.

  • Introduction of Thomas Szasz
    at First Nations Conference in Edmonton, Alberta,
    November 7, 1995

  • Two eulogies

  • Remarks on receiving
    The Ninth Annual Thomas S. Szasz Award
    for Outstanding Contributions to the Cause of Civil Liberties
    (Professional Category),
    November 16, 1999

  • Tribute Honoring Dr. Thomas Szasz,
    George Washington Award,American Hungarian Foundation,
    Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, November 11, 2003
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    Click HERE to access a pdf document that contains three peer-reviewed articles published from my doctoral dissertation.

  • (1997). Addiction beliefs of treatment providers: Factors explaining variance. Addiction Research, 4, 367-384.

  • (1996). Spiritual thinking in addiction treatment providers. The Spiritual Belief Scale. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 14, 7-33.

  • (1995). The addiction belief scale. International Journal of the Addictions, 30, 117-134.

    There were a total of five publications from my doctoral dissertation. The three articles above, the article below, and a chapter in a book entitled

  • (1997). The case against alcoholism as a disease. In W. Shelton & R.B. Edwards (Eds.) Values, ethics, and alcoholism, pp. 21-49, Greenwich, CT.: JAI Press Inc. Chapter.

  • (Click the article here to access it.)(1996). Thinking about drinking: The power of self-fulfilling prophecies. International Journal of Drug Policy, 7, 187-192.
    See also

  • Drugs and free will. SOCIETY 28, no. 6 (September/October 1991)