Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.

Jeff's Movie Recommendations

In the Bedroom

I highly recommend this movie, a ten out of ten. Sissy Spacek is a favorite of mine, (especially after she said To Kill A Mockingbird was her favorite movie, some time ago in the New York Times). Tom Wilkinson as Matt Fowler steals the show here, though. This is a deeply-moving story about parents whose son is killed by a jealous ex-husband. Of course, it is about much more than this. To me, the movie touches on issues of justice, the impossibility of law, what happens when we deny our feelings, etc. I think it's good to ask yourself whether you would/could have done what Fowler (Wilkinson) did. Why or why not? How many people have lost sons and daughters in similar circumstances and just "accepted" it? The dialogue is rich, the cinematography beautiful, the acting crisp, minimalist, and powerful without being over done.

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