Current Psychology
A Journal for Diverse Perspectives on Diverse Psychological Issues

Rita Simon and Jeffrey Schaler, Editors
Volume 26, Numbers 3-4 / December, 2007
Special Issue: Anti-Semitism the World Over in the Twenty-First Century

Journal Current Psychology
Publisher Springer New York
ISSN 1046-1310 (Print) 1936-4733 (Online)
Pages 147-266
Subject Collection Behavioral Science
SpringerLink Date Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Volume 26:3 Special Issue (Complete)

Current Table of Contents

Introduction by Jeffrey Schaler

1. Anti-Semitism the World Over in the Twenty-First Century by Rita J. Simon and Jeffrey A. Schaler

2. Cuba, Castro, and Anti-Semitism by Irving Louis Horowitz

3. The Montreal Jewish Community and the Holocaust by Max Beer

4. Anti-Semitism on college campuses by Kenneth L. Marcus

5.Muslim Anti-Semitism: Historical Backgrounds by Richard Breitman

6. Defending Truth: Legal and Psychological Aspects of Holocaust Denial by Kenneth Lasson

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Current Psychology
A Journal for Diverse Perspectives on Diverse Psychological Issues

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